I'm Pamela, a mexican illustrator that currently lives in Los Cabos, my work is focused in graphic narrative and the creation of concept for worlds and characters for both printed and digital media.

I believe in work made on time and respectfully, always trying to meet the needs from both parties in the process and keeping a work/life balance.

In my personal work I have some comics, illustrations and an illustrated children's book recently printed. I'm constantly looking for posibilities to develop projects and I see the oportunity to learn from each of them.

In my work I aspire to create universes in which we can see the posibilities from alternative realities from ours, that's why my themes are not only self reflective, but also have a fantasy character around them, since my firsts influences were videogames life Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, Earthbound, among others; besides other mediums like manga and anime.

Thank you for your visit through my site and I hope we can work together sometime!